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4.-6. november 2016 
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gameZfestival is back with three days of talks, international guests, panel discussions and OpenMic on the topic 'IndieGamez Rulez!'. Our Highlights this year are the rising Indie devs of Lumino City, Feist and Cloud Chaser. And we get an insight into the Quest Design of The Witcher 3. On Sunday, Virtual Reality RuleZ are the dominant topic of three outstanding projects. Games are systems of control that are exceptionally motivating. For the first time we combine the gameZfestival with a conference on game mechanics called gameZ & ruleZ. Keynote speaker is Jesper Juul. Both events will be accompanied by the playable videogame exhibition 'ruleZ for The Magic Circle'.

Location: Zurich, Kunstraum Walcheturm Kanonengasse 20. Just off from Zurich mainstation (5').

Program: Friday, 2. October

10.30-17.00 gameZ & rulez conference track: Opening Conference / Carlo Fabricatore (UK): What are Game Mechanics? / (Input) René Bauer: Zurich Game Mechanics Manifesto / Staffan Björk (Sweden): Overview of Game Design Patterns / Wolfgang Walk (Grumpy Old Men): Reward and Punishment in Games * / Renzo Thönen (Giants): Game Mechanics of the Farming Simulator / Mischa Geiser (Koboldgames): Guidance Systems for Journey of a Roach [More on ]
18.00 Opening exhibition "ruleZ for the magic circle"
19.00 Don Schmocker: FAR
20.00 Florian Faller, Adrian Stutz (Bits & Beasts): Feist
22.00 BigScreen Party Games with Air Console!

Program: Saturday, 3. October

09.30 - 14.30 gameZ & rulez conference track: The Maze as a game mechanic: Coffee in a topology of madness / Input & Panel: Reward and Punishment in Cities or what Game Designer think of Cities as Games / Annika Waern (Sweden): Game Mechanics of Pervasive Games / Guided Tour of exhibition with curators snd Game Designers / Keynote: Jesper Juul (Denmark): The Art of Failure in Games. [More on ]

Open Mic [Register by sending an email to - Email-Title: [OpenMic] Content: [ProjectName / Project&Team / URL / opt: Video-URL ]

1. Flurin Jenal: Grafik im Paket - Warum das reisserischste Argument für dein Game aus dem Assetstore kommt
2. Philipp Stern, René Krebs: Marked
3. Nicolas Matter: PROTA & ANTA
4. Andreas Halter, Isabel Schacher, Stefan Schmidlin: Pätagei - Das Spiel (SRF)
5. Michael Müller, David Krummenacher: Revenge of the Cavemen
6. Elias Farhan: Team Kwa-Kwa: Splash Blast Panic
7. Patrick Selbert: indiecouch
8. Filipe Simonette, Julie Bächtold: Space Cow Suzy
17.00 Livio Lunin:(GameLab): Presentation of Swiss Mercenary Game and Best Animation/Game Projects of Fantoche 2015
17.45 Anja Fritsch (GameLab): Presentation of creative card set "Ideas For Games"
18.00 Tabea Iseli + Jeremy Spillmann (Blindflug): Cloud Chasers
20.00 Luke Whittaker, Katherine Bidwell (State of Play Games, UK): Lumino City
21.00 Phillip Weber (CD Project Red, Poland): Quest Design for The Witcher
22.30 DJing with Dragica Kahlina

Program: Sunday, 4. October

13.00 SGDA Swiss Game Award Junior Edition: presented by SGDA
13.30 Swiss Game Trailers 2015: A selection of the best Swiss Games from October 2014 to October 2015
14.00 VR ruleZ – Caecilia Charbonnier, Sylvain Chagué (Artanim, Geneva): Real Virtuality Multiplayer
15.00 VR ruleZ – Tobias Baumann (Noitom, Beijing): Full Body Mocap
16.00 VR ruleZ – Max Striebel, Martina Hugentobler, Melanie Vetterli (Somniacs): Rules for Birdly

Creative Game Award 2015: presented by gameZfestival and nerdilicious/ JAN

Exhibition: ruleZ for the magic circle [combined with conference]

Friday, 2. Oct Opening + 18:00 - 24.00
Saturday, 3. Oct 10:00 - 24.00
Sunday, 4. Oct 12:00 - 19.00

Concept of the exhibition: A game is an indivdual construction that becomes an actual game only by its execution, by acceptance of the rules and (in our case) by being processed on a computer. A game draws boundaries and embeds the players into a "Magic Circle", a symbolic scope to which rules apply that are different from the rules of the real world outside of the circle's boundaries. The exhibition focuses on game mechanics of videogames and shows how rule sets form a framework for successful gameplay interaction.

Highlights: Ideas for Games (Game Creation Card Set), TennisForTwo(thousand), LSD (Logic Dream Simulator), Installation "Magic Circles", Lumino City, Feist, Cloud Chasers [...]

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The award of 2015 goes to "Line Wobbler".



October 2 - 4, 2015; Zurich, Switzerland. The international gameZfestival is organized by the gameZfestival association, Game Lab and Game Design ZHdK. The Program has been developed by Beat Suter, René Bauer and Philomena Schwab from the GameLab of the University of the Arts Zurich. The exhibition has been developed by Beat Suter, René Bauer, Philomena Schwab, Max Moswitzer and Livio Lunin. Max Moswitzer designed the Logo, Markus Rosse designed the in exhibition illustration. Students from Game Design ZHdK have collaborated in developing and installing the exhibition and festival spaces. [...]